I UK [flaɪ] / US verb
Word forms "fly":
present tense I/you/we/they fly he/she/it flies present participle flying past tense flew UK [fluː] / US [flu] past participle flown UK [fləʊn] / US [floʊn]
1) [intransitive] to travel by plane

Sometimes it's cheaper to fly.

fly from/to:

I flew from London to Amsterdam to meet the other members of the group.

fly into:

We flew into Heathrow on Monday evening.

a) [intransitive] if a plane flies, it moves through the air

The bombers were flying over enemy territory.

b) [transitive] to take people or goods somewhere by plane

They flew her home for urgent medical treatment.

fly someone/something in/out:

Helicopters are helping to fly out survivors.

c) [intransitive/transitive] to control a plane when it is in the air

He had always wanted to learn to fly.

My grandfather flew bombers during the war.

a pilot who flew over 100 missions

d) [transitive] to use a particular company or travel in a particular class when you are travelling by plane

I'm flying British Airways this time.

e) [transitive] to go across an area of water or land in a plane

How long does it take to fly the Atlantic?

2) [intransitive] to use wings to move through the air

Not all insects can fly.

fly past/over/up etc:

A huge eagle came flying past.

White gulls flew over our heads.

a) [intransitive] to move very fast through the air
fly past/by/towards/into:

A bullet flew past his head.

Pieces of glass and concrete were flying in all directions.

b) to move or go very quickly
fly into/along/through/out:

We flew into each other's arms.

Sheila flew along the corridor to the control room.

fly open:

The door flew open and the head teacher marched in.

4) [intransitive] to be blown around in the wind

She stood on the clifftop, her grey hair flying in the wind.

a) [intransitive/transitive] if you fly a flag, or if it flies, it is on the top of a pole or building

Some of the buildings were flying the French flag.

Every American school has a national flag flying outside it.

b) if you fly a kite, or if it flies, you hold it on the end of a long piece of string and it blows about in the wind

perfect weather for flying kites

6) [intransitive] if time flies, it seems to pass very quickly
fly by:

Six months flew by, and it was time to come home again.

fly past:

The weekend with her family seemed to fly past.

7) [intransitive] if ideas or opinions are flying, people are talking about them a lot

The fire was so suspicious that rumours started flying almost immediately.

fly around/about:

There are a lot of wild theories flying around.

8) [intransitive] informal if an idea or a statement flies, people accept or approve of it

It's a great idea, but will it fly?

9) [intransitive/transitive] formal to leave a place suddenly in order to escape from a difficult or dangerous situation
fly the country:

Thousands flew the country when he came to power.

fly into a temper/rage — to suddenly become extremely angry

He stopped, turned and flew into a rage, kicking a nearby chair.

(I) must flyBritish

informal used for saying that you must leave quickly

I must fly, I'll see you later.

send someone/something flyinginformal to make someone or something move quickly through the air by hitting them

Steve came crashing into me and sent me flying.

Phrasal verbs:

II UK [flaɪ] / US noun [countable]
Word forms "fly":
singular fly plural flies
1) a common small insect with wings. Flies eat food, are often found near rubbish, and are responsible for spreading many diseases

A trapped fly buzzed against the window pane.

a new spray to kill flies and mosquitoes

a swarm/cloud/plague of flies:

There were clouds of small flies over the river.

2) a small hook made to look like an insect, fixed to the end of a fishing line and used for catching fish
3) a flysheet for a tent
4) mainly American the flies on a pair of trousers

going down/dropping like fliesinformal getting ill or dying in large numbers very quickly

People are dropping like flies with the flu.

(there are) no flies on someoneinformal used for saying that someone is not stupid and you cannot trick them easily

someone wouldn't hurt/harm a flyspoken used for saying that someone is very gentle and would not do anything to hurt or upset anyone

Terry may look tough, but he wouldn't hurt a fly.

III UK [flaɪ] / US adjective
Word forms "fly":
adjective fly comparative flyer superlative flyest British informal old-fashioned
clever and not easy to trick

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